Monday, September 30, 2019

Certificate and Key Management - PKI

While I was looking into managing internal certs, I came across this product and thought I'd share with others. I have yet to play around with this, but I plan on it. I figured instead of adding another bookmark to my browser and then forgetting about it, I might as well create a quick blog post and add the link here.

X - Certificate and Key Management (Info and Tutorial)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Microsoft SQL Memory Limit Recomendations

In my quest to look for the best advice in setting limits as to how much RAM a Microsoft SQL server consumes, I came across a few recommendations and ended up settling on this rule of thumb.

Leave 4GB or 10% of total RAM - whichever is higher - for system use. It's a good starting point and you can adjust that figure from there.

For more information behind the methodology, you can go here for a better explanation: Brent Ozar - Memory Dangerously Low or Max Memory Too High.