Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Opening links with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

I recently had a request to setup certain website links to open with a specific browser. In this case, it was with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. For most people, creating links is as simple as right clicking the location where you want your link, then selecting New > Shortcut. Depending on what your default browser is, the link will be opened by that browser. In many corporate environments, however, Internet Explorer is still the default browser. In these cases, as long as you have a modern browser installed, you can create a shortcut to have a link open with a specific browser.

Google Chrome

In the case of Chrome, you will have to create a shortcut that points to the executable, followed by a URL switch and finally the URL you want the browser to open. It will look something like this:

       "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -url

This path code assumes that Google Chrome is installed in its default location, otherwise adjust that to reflect your installation location.

Microsoft Edge

In a system that has Edge installed, then the path code just needs the Edge URI followed by the URL. It will look something like this:


As you can see, the solution is a simpler one, as you do not have to worry about installation location. This is a system wide setting and you just have to add the URI as a prefix, followed by the address you want to point to.

The above screenshot shows an example of what a MS link configuration would look like.