Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Pure Storage Testing SMTP & Settings

Recently some changes within our network came about and had to make some changes to the SMTP alerts for our Pure Storage arrays. Since it's typically one of those things that you set and forget, I didn't pay much attention until now. If you're trying to test your changes/settings, the command changed in PurityOS 5.3.7 from the documentation that I found. Earlier versions you only had to run the following command from an SSH prompt:

       purealert test email@address.com

The above code was for the older OS version, on the newer 5.3.7 code (5.3.3 in this case) you need to run the following command:

       purealert watcher test email@address.com

The purealert command will utilize the settings entered on Settings - System - Alert Routing. Optionally, you can leave out the email address on the command, it will send it to whatever is configured under Settings - System - Alert Watchers. In my case, I don't want to send it to the distribution list so I was entering my email in the above command so only I received those emails.

If I can make a suggestion for the Pure Storage team, please add a test button within the GUI! It seems rather unnecessary to have to open up an SSH session for something this trivial (if this change has been implemented in newer code, thank you!).

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